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Haylor Rx

Prescription Drug Cost

Haylor, Freyer & Coon has partnered with a Pharmacy-focused healthcare IT company.  For clients and prospective clients this means we can now have access to a technology platform enabling us to conduct an initial review of your Prescription Drug (Rx) program and reduce your pharmacy spending in the following methods:

  • Introduce the most aggressive bidding/procurement process in the industry for Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBMs) services in order to achieve the best pricing and contractual terms.
  • Review and implement contracts with the  winning bidder to ensure the terms and conditions are most favorable to your business and not the PBM.
  • Upon commencement of the contract, we monitor all PBM activity (not just a “statistically valid sample“) for accuracy in accordance with your newly drafted contract.  This monitoring rolls up to performance guarantees that are viewed quarterly, do not allow cross-subsidizing (you’ll learn that term), and are defensible and collectable.

The results so far have been compelling, with clients saving  between 5%-12% of their annual drug spend…..and some results are higher.

With just one year of Rx claim data, we can prepare an analysis that will show you financially and quantitatively just how much you can save on prescription drug costs.  Invest the time – it will pay dividends for years and finally bring clarity to your PBM contract!


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3 Ways to control pharmacy expense

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Haylor Rx prescription pharmacy cost management

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Thomas J. Flynn, Benefit Consultant, Vice President, Director Group Benefits Division

Tom offers employers a wealth of experience in health and employee benefit management. He has been involved in the design, implementation and management of employee benefit programs for over 26 years. His out of the box thinking provides long term solutions with an eye not only on todays cost...
315-703-3215 or 585-385-6600

Tom Augostini, Benefit Consultant

Tom comes to Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. with first hand knowledge and experience working with Municipalities.    Tom began his career  working for the City of Elmira as an Assistant to the City Manager.   In 1997, he started working for the Village of Johnson City, the 3rd largest...

Rebecca Perkins, Benefit Consultant

Becky joined Haylor, Freyer & Coon in 2007 bringing 8 years of prior experience and knowledge of the group benefits market and insurance industry. As an Account Executive, Becky’s focus is to obtain the most appropriate and competitive benefit package possible for large and small employer...

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Compare costs for medical procedures? You bet!

Compare costs for medical procedures? You bet!

High Deductible Plans - When it comes to medical tests or procedures do your research. Shop around, compare prices, ask questions, check quality ratings.

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