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Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA)-
An Overview

Employees are unique – shouldn’t their benefits package reflect that? With Haylor, Freyer & Coon’s exclusive game-changing partnership, ICHRA gives your employees individual flexibility to choose plans & voluntary options that they want, while getting you – the employer – out of the entanglement of administrative and annual negotiation tasks of group plans. Give your employees the individual freedom to choose options that fit their needs!
We provide valuable tools and resources, training, and a ready-to-go enrollment portal. Employers can enjoy a wide range of benefits with ICHRA such as:

  • Streamline Administration
  • Modernized HR Experience
  • Payroll Deduction Option
  • Web and Mobile Accessibility
  • More Offerings & Options Available

Let us know how we can help simplify your reimbursement arrangements!

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How ICHRA Works


Choose Your Plan Design

Customize your plan that fits your business needs. Define reimbursement limits, set rules for different employee types(part-time, seasonal, full-time, etc.) and more.


Do Your Shopping

Employees will purchase individual plans & family options. If allowed by your plan design, employees can also choose other health care products and services.


Submit The Claims

Employees submit claims all in an easy-to-use portal. Invoices and receipts usually satisfy claim requirements but other documentation may be needed for reimbursement eligibility.



Employees are recompensed for their approved claims once expenses are reviewed and verified. Employers make the final approval before reimbursements are dispersed.

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Questions with your Employee Benefits Package?

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