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Employee Engagement

How We Engage

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Comprehensive Onboarding

Competency in one’s job position provides the groundwork for employees and their engagement within an orgnization. By providing clear expectations of a position during the onboarding & training process, future misunderstandings can be minimized. Spending that little extra time to explain and clarify questions at the beginning can save company time and money later.

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Goals & Acknowledgement

Engagement makes employees feel like they are apart of something bigger. Setting company-wide goals helps guide efforts of workers while giving a sense of direction. Once a goal is reached, it is a necessity of the company to acknowledge the hard work. When employees feel that their work is acknowledged and valued, they feel a commitment to their organization and its mission.

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Enrichment & Candor

An open-door policy encourages the discussion of ideas or problems at anytime. If you want to have high employee engagement, showing employees that you’re willing to listen & help is crucial. Employees also find value in a company who will help them grow. By providing company outings, innovative workshops, & educational tools, employers gain the full support & dedication of their employees.

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Learn about services that we provide to enhance employee communication

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Monthly newsletters that promote a healthy lifestyle and employee wellness programs

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Provide educational resources and training materials, with insights of industry professionals

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Educate employees on the unseen value of their benefits package with comprehensive statements

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Design, development, and assessment of employee wellness program to ensure program goals are met

Haylor’s Partnership with

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Simplifying The Healthcare Experience

The All-In-One Health Benefits Platform

HealthJoy is an all-in-one healthcare guidance and engagement platform that empowers employees to make better healthcare decisions. The platform brings together doctors, Concierges,prescription savings, medical bill review, and other cost containment strategies into an easy-to-use mobile app. At the center of the experience is JOY, an artificial intelligencepowered virtual assistant that’s fully supported by live Concierges.
The app becomes the center of the member’s experience and increases benefits satisfaction while reducing administration and benefits costs. HealthJoy integrates with a client’s existing benefits package and fundamentally changes the dynamics of healthcare by empowering members.

HealthJoy Is The First Stop For All Your Healthcare Needs

Personalized care for every employee

Companies will quickly achieve many benefits by putting HealthJoy at the center of their benefits experience, including:

  • • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • • Increased Benefits Satisfaction
  • • Consistent Member Experience Year After Year
  • • Increased Employee Productivity
  • • Reduce Benefits Questions For HR
  • • Stress-Free Healthcare Experience

HealthJoy works for companies of all size, from 50 to 50,000 employees, both self-funded and fully-insured. Their artificial intelligent technology allows them to maintain personalized care and support for every individual at your company – at scale.

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