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Industry Specialization

Haylor, Freyer & Coon is an expert of insurance. We not only service to people and businesses, we also cater to specialized industries in both the private and public sectors. When your insurance understands the particulars of your industry, they can strategize solutions for all your unique needs.

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Municipalities oversee many operations – city planning, parks, fiscal budgeting, resident safety – all having major liability exposures & broad employee benefit requirements. Haylor provides specialized solutions that protects public entities against disruptions of business, letting public officials focus on what matters.

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Schools shouldn’t need a tutor to understand their insurance policy. Haylor helps schools, including K-12th grade – in both the private and public arenas, by highlighting relevant insurance prodcuts that keep their students and educators protected. Haylor is best-in-class when it comes to insurance!

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Higher Education

In today’s world, higher education faces a myriad of insurance hazards, and Haylor has extensive, affordable coverage options to protect from them. Haylor, Freyer & Coon combines innovative technology with expert insight to support administrators and cover all exposed assets.

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Haylor, Freyer & Coon takes pride in serving clients who serve our communities. That’s why we take exceptional care to design tailored insurance solutions to our charitable organizations. That gives our clients more time to focus on their organization’s mission.

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Professional Services

Professional Services is one of the most diverse industries and Haylor has a unique set of specific solutions for each. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, IT consultants – we protect all specialized businesses from their universal threat: insurance exposures.

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Haylor knows that manufacturing businesses have more focus on medical, dental, and vision benefits than most industries. Our Benefits team works with manufacturing companies to maintain overall health & wellness for their employees so that a safe, productive environment can be sustained.

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