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Process Automation

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Haylor’s Process Automations have helped customers:

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Increase Productivity

By identifying task completion rates and administrative bottlenecks, Haylor helps increase outputs and lessens corporate governance.

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Reduce Miscalculations

Automate mistake-prone HR tasks like Benefits plan processing, life event changes, & premuim payments to reduce miscalculation errors.

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Improve ROI

Receive the most return on your investments with streamlined reports on effeciency – shifting focus to more important tasks.

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Redeploy Resources

With additonal time & money saved in technology relief for administrative support, companies need assistance repurposing the extra funds.

Automation Processes That Benefit Your Benefits

Running a business involves a lot of details to manage Benefits rules and regulations are constantly changing, there’s always that rotating calendar of upcoming compliance deadlines, and you need a lot of knowledge and expertise to understand the complexities and technicalities of benefit plans and choices.

Our experts at Haylor take advantage of automating processes that save administrative staff and benefits advisors enormous amounts of time and costs associated with completing these day-to-day duties. Haylor’s designs for automating your business processes areindustry-specific and customized for each organization, targeting areas with the most visible impact. While all designs are unique to each company, ourautomation models all have one mission in common – they drive consistent quality, service, and turnaround time. In the end, our processes produce mistakefree work, increase productivity, and save company funds. With the extra time and money saved, you can redirect those assets towards needed companyresources. As your company grows, let HF&C lighten your list of growing responsibilities by simplifying your work and allowing your focus to be on thelong-term success of your company.

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Eligibility Processing

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Carrier Communications

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Payroll & Life Changes

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Premium Invoicing

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Onboarding & Training

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Engagement & Education

Unmatched Accuracy with HR Automation

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Employees Gain More Insight and Knowledge

By combining innovative technology and user-friendly storytelling, our clients and their employees are able to make more informed and smarter decisions when it comes to choosing plan options. Our platform allows for easy-to-digest detailing about plans, without adding unnecessary, confusing verbiage or data. Not only is our expert advice and knowledge available at your fingertips, you can rest easy knowing that your employees’ personal information is safe and secure.

Streamline Your Workflow & Improve Output Consistency

Solutions that increase productivity and minimize errors

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