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Haylor’s Benefits Planning –
Procurement & Management

How we make a difference

Benefits are a major part of your employees’ total compensation package. Our advisors provide plan alternatives and benefits comparisons relevant to your employees and competitive with the market, while proactively managing to achieve goals. Haylor handles the bidding process for your benefits proposals so you can focus on your choices – not the cost.

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Tackle Trends

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Reduce Risk

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Manage Retirees

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Reverse Auction

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Robust Choices

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Retain Talent

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Communication Tools

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Expert Insight

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Real-Time Reporting

  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Benchmarking

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Your company’s Employee Handbook is a welcome mat for your new employees – it reviews the company rules and policies, discusses theorganizational culture and mission, and also protects the company from legal issues. Our professionals at Haylor, Freyer, & Coon help clients save time by reviewing their Employee Handbook. We not onlymake sure it is compliant and up-to-date, but we also review its language to ensure its holds up to legal scrutiny.

Need help on starting your Employee Handbook?

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Haylor at your side

Haylor Benefit Advisors will work alongside your negotiating team in providing data, trends, and contract language, so that employers avoid Employee Benefit pitfalls and that your collective bargaining agreement has the flexibility needed in today’s ever changing world of Employee Benefits.

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Benchmarck Your Benefits

Identify performance gaps from an independent perspective with Haylor’s benchmarking services. Haylor Advisors will monitor all employee and company effeciency levels, compare outputs to other companies, set company-wide delivery expectations, and help develop a group mindset towards continous improvement. Pinpoint your company’s improvement opportunities and partner with HF&C for organizational growth today!

Our Numbers

Haylor’s Benefits Procurement Team has saved customers:


In Annual Drug Spend


Management Hours


Reduction in consultation fees


Trees saved with paperless Employee Handbooks

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Increase Productivity

Our Benefits & HR experts benchmark your company’s efficiencies and choose process automations that most positively impact productivity levels.

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You’re with us every step of the way – Our processes work and results are measured and improved upon. Haylor ensures that all deliverables are met.

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Minimize Costs

Haylor controls costs by analytical modeling combined with cost projection & performance reviews, we’ll ensure your plan benefits you!

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With our new suite of Benefits tools, Haylor, Freyer & Coon Advisors have more organizational insight that help control cost and efficiencies.

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Questions with your Employee Benefits Package?

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