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Insuring all you Value


Getting the complete coverage you need is no accident. Request a quote today.


When it comes to writing policies that protect you over time, we’re right at home.

Recreational Vehicles

Get out there and have fun. We’ll make sure no worries stand in your way.

Commercial Business

No matter what your business is, being here to insure all you value is ours.


After more than 85 years of excellence, the right choice for insurance is public knowledge.

Manufactured Housing Dealers & Communities

Peace of mind can’t be manufactured. Turn to our Manufactured Housing Division for help.

Administrative Relief Technology

Choices, Private Exchange, compliance, technology and streamlined administration of all your employee BeneFITs in one easy-to-use, secure website.

Compliance Management

Healthcare reform, compliance and education training can help ensure the protection of your company and your employees.

Employee Health Improvement

Employees are your company’s biggest asset. Wellness fosters presenteeism, improves productivity and creates a happier, healthier workforce.

Student Property

You value your personal property. Now learn how you can protect it. Get a quote today.


Keeping you in the classroom and protecting your well-being, on campus and off.


Worldwide coverage for every study-abroad experience

Loss Prevention Solutions

Don’t react to losses – avoid them altogether. Work with us to learn how.

Environmental Management Solutions

Through experience and relationships, we’ve created the perfect environment to help with liability and risk.

Claim Advocacy

Let our experts help keep your workers’ comp claims – and your costs – under control.


From cars to homes to toys, if you can buy it, we can insure it. Get a quote today.


When it comes to your business, we’re more than an insurer – we’re your trusted advisor.


For student health, personal property or specialty insurance, we’re always the smart choice.

Employee Engagement & Communications


Do your employees know when to visit an emergency room versus an urgent care facility? Are you up-to-date on ever-changing healthcare reform laws? Knowing the answers to questions like these can go a long way in saving money and avoiding headaches, and Haylor is here to help.

Today’s Benefit Programs are complex. HF&C will provide assistance when it comes to understanding the details of how Benefits work. We provide a range of education and communication services. From wellness programs and seminars, to HR advising to educating employees on topics like Health Savings Accounts, we provide the tools and resources to help everyone get the most from your Benefits plan – at the least possible cost.

    • Onsite Meetings
    • Manage open enrollment, employee meetings & support
    • Health fairs
    • Access to wellness
    • Benefit Websites
    • Consumerism Education
    • Employee Advocates
    • OE Custom Presentations
    • Benefit Guidebooks
    • New Technology

2017 Open Enrollment Checklist

Requirements Regarding Plan Documents & Distribution To Employees

Important ACA Disclosures and How They Impact You

It’s all part of Haylor’s process, which helps ensure that your plan is delivered on time and on target, while allowing for a healthier workforce and bottom line.

More Information:

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Thomas J. Flynn, Benefit Consultant, Vice President, Director Group Benefits Division

Tom offers employers a wealth of experience in health and employee benefit management. He has been involved in the design, implementation and management of employee benefit programs for over 26 years. His out of the box thinking provides long term solutions with an eye not only on todays cost...
315-703-3215 or 585-385-6600

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Compare costs for medical procedures? You bet!

Compare costs for medical procedures? You bet!

High Deductible Plans - When it comes to medical tests or procedures do your research. Shop around, compare prices, ask questions, check quality ratings.

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